Chef Special

Chef Special

Chef Special

(Chicken / Beef / Pork)
Spicy minced salad, shallots, mint leaf, red onion,coriander with seasoning mixed dressed with lime juice ground red chilli served with iceberg cabbage

Lemon chicken$20.50
Crunchy chicken flavoured with creamy mayonnaise sauce served with mixed leaf

Spicy Chicken Salad$20.50
Deep fried chicken schnitzel , shallots, mint leaf, coriander, red onion, lime juice, ground red chili and seasoning mixed served with leafy green

Grilled Pork on skewers$22.50
Thinly sliced marinated pork skewers served with leafy green

Crispy Chicken Basil$20.50
Deep fried chicken schnitzel served with stir fried mixed veggie(capsicum, broccoli,carrot,cabbage,baby corn) and homemade basil sauce

Massaman Lamb Shank$23.80
Slow cooked lamb shank in sweet mild curry with potatoes, onions and pineapple topping with cashew

Pad Prik Gang
Mushrooms, onion, green bean, capsicum, kachai, green peppercorn, bamboo shoot, baby corn, basil leave stir fried with red curry paste
Selection of :
Veggie and Tofu $19.50
Chicken / Beef / Pork $21.50
Prawn Or Mixed Seafood $22.80
Lamb / Duck / Barramundi Fillet / Crispy Pork $23.80