** add $2 per dish for gluten – free **
** all curry can be made gluten free except Massaman curry **

Selection of:
Tofu and Veggie $19.50
Prawn or Mixed Seafood$22.80
Lamb/Duck/Barramundi Fillet/Crispy Pork$23.80
Lamb shank$23.80

Choo Chee Curry
Flavoured Choo Chee paste with greater proportion of lemongrass ,carrot, green bean, kaffir lime leaves and coconut cream

Green Curry
Green curry paste , bamboo shoot, snow pea, green bean, capsicum, basil and coconut cream

Massaman Curry
Sweet mild curry with potatoes ,onions, pineapple, coconut cream topped with roasted cashew nut

Yellow Curry
Mild curry with potatoes, pumpkin, onion and coconut cream

Red Curry
Flavored with red chilli paste , green bean, bamboo shoot, snow pea, capsicum, basil and coconut cream

Panang Curry
A peanut flavoured curry , capsicum, green bean and coconut cream

Jungle Curry
Bamboo shoot, snow pea, green bean, capsicum, mushroom, basil, kachai, green pepper (no coconut cream)