Lotus Root Chips$6.95

Deep Fried Tofu$6.95

Chicken Satay(4 Sticks)(gluten-free no charge)$8.20
Grilled Chicken skewers marinated in Thai herbs served with peanut sauce

Curry Puff(4 pieces)$8.20
Minced chicken, potatoes, onion in pastry served with cucumber sauce

Spring Roll(4 pieces)$8.20
Carrot , glass noodles and cabbage wrapped in pastry served with sweet chilli sauce

Dim Sims(4 pieces)$8.20
Steamed chicken, cabbage, water chestnut served with soy sauce

Prawn Roll(4 pieces)$11.90
Deep fried king prawn wrapped in pastry served with sweet chilli sauce

Coconut Prawn(4 pieces)$11.90
King prawn in shredded coconut batter served with mayonnaise

Fish Cake(4 pieces)$8.95
Minced fish, lime leaf,green beans, Thai herbs served with cucumber sauce and crushed peanuts

Mixed Entree(4 pieces)$9.90
Once of each Spring roll,Curry Puff,Coconut Prawn and Chicken Satay

Roti Bread (8 pieces)$7.20
Grilled pastry breads served with sweet and sour plum sauce