Takeaway Menu

Takeaway Menu

Chef Special

Massamun Lamb Shank $18.90
Slow cooked lamb Shank in sweet mild curry with potatoes,pineapple,onions and coconut milk tossed with peanut

Pla Rad Prik $18.90
Fried fish fillet with sweet and chill sauce

Pla Lui Suan $18.90
Fried fish bass top with homemade sauce and mixed Thai herbs

Pu Nim Tod $19.90
Crispy fried Soft-Shell Crabs paired with sweet and tangy chill sauce

Salt and Pepper Calamari $19.90
Shallow fly calamari marinated with salt and pepper,served with sweet chili sauce

Pad Cha Talay $19.90
Spicy stir-fly seafood marina mix with unique fragrance,finely sliced thai herb and green peppercorns

Coconut Chicken Salad $17.90
Poached chicken,toasted coconut strips,fried shallot with mild chilli paste dressing

Pad Prik Gang (Beef/Chicken/Pork) $17.90
Stir fried green bean, thai herb with Thai red curry paste


Chicken Satay(4 Sticks) $7.95
Grilled Chicken skewers marinated in Thai herbs served with peanut sauce

Curry Puff(4 pieces) $7.95
Minced chicken,potato,curry,onion and garlic in a pastry served with cucumber sauce

Spring Roll(4 pieces) $7.95
Carrot,glass noodles and cabbage wrapped in pastry served with sweet chilli sauce

Dim Sims(4 pieces) $7.95
Thai Style Dim Sim served with soy sauce

Prawn Roll(4 pieces) $9.95
Deep Fried king prawn wrapped in pastry served with sweet chilli sauce

Coconut Prawn(4 pieces) $9.95
King Prawn in shredded coconut and batter served with mayonnaise sauce

Thai Fish Cake(4 pieces) $8.95
Minced fish, lime leaf,green beans, Thai herbs served with cucumber sauce and crushed peanuts

Mixed Entree(4 pieces) $9.20
Once of each Spring roll,Curry Puff,Coconut Prawn and Chicken Satay

Roti Bread (8 pieces) $6.95
Grilled pastry breads served with sweet and sour plum sauce


Selection of:
Tofu and Veggie $6.95
Mixed Seafood or Prawn $8.50
Beef/Chicken/Pork or Tofu $7.50

Tom Yum
Our traditional spicy soup,flavoured with chilli,lime and lemongrass

Mild coconut-milk soup flavoured with Galangal,lemon grass and lemon juice


Prawn or Seafood Salad $19.50
Mint leaf,red onions,shallots,fresh chilli,coriander,fish sauce and lemon juice

Grill Beef or Chicken Salad $17.90
Authentic flavour Thai-Style chargrilled steak ground roasted rice with chilli lime dressing


Selection of:
Tofu and Veggie $15.95
Beef/Chicken/Pork $17.50
Lamb/Duck/Prawn or Mixed Seafood $18.90

Green Curry
A Classic green curry paste combined with the richness of coconut milk

Red Curry
Flavored with red chili paste beans,bamboo shoot with coconut milk

Yellow Curry
Mild Curry with coconut milk,potatoes,pumpkin,onion with cucumber sauce

Panang Curry
A thick curry with coconut milk,lime leaf and peanuts

Massaman Curry
Sweet mild curry with potatoes,pineapples,onions,coconut milk tossed with peanuts

Jungle Curry
Bamboo shoot,baby corn,green beans,mushrooms,capsicum,basil,lime leaf,green peppers (Contains no coconut milk)

Stir Fried

Selection of:
Tofu and Veggie $15.95
Beef/Chicken/Pork $17.50
Lamb/Duck/Prawn or Mixed Seafood $18.90

Fresh chill,onion,shallots,snow peas,broccoli and ground white pepper

Oyster Sauce
Mixed seasonal vegetables with choice of your meat

Garlic and Pepper
Fresh ginger,shallots,baby corn,mushrooms,onion and cauliflower

Peanut sauce
Vegetables stir fried with peanut sauce

Fresh Ginger
Fresh ginger,shallots,baby corn,mushrooms,onion and cauliflower

Cashew nut
Water chestnut,broccoli,carrots,capsicum,shallots,garlic,onion and roasted cashew nuts

Sweet and Sour
Pineapple,cucumber,tomato,capsicum,carrots,onion and shallots

Chilli and garlic
Mushroom,capsicum,cauliflower,cabbage,baby corn,shallots,chill and garlic

Spicy Ginger
Green beans,cauliflower,capsicum,fresh ginger,lime leaf,fresh chill and curry paste


Selection of
Tofu and Veggie $14.50
Chicken/Beef/Pork $15.25
Prawn or Mixed Seafood $16.50

Pad Thai
Thin rice stick noodles with egg,chive,fried tofu,bean sprouts,crushed peanuts,fried onion and special tamarind sauce

Pad See Ew
Thick-wide rice noodles with egg,shallots,Chinese broccoli,cauliflower,broccoli and carrots

Pad Kee Mow
Thick-wide rice noodles with egg,onion,shallots,green beans,capsicum,mushroom,green pepper and Thai herb

Hokkien Noodles
Egg noodles with egg,onion,shallots,bean sprouts,cauliflower,broccoli,red capsicum,cabbage and carrots

Hokkian noodles,broccoli,cauliflower,bean sprout with Laksa curry sauce

Steamed Jasmine Rice Small $3.50 Large $6.20
Coconut Rice Small $4.50 Large $8.50

Selection of Meat with Fried Rice
Tofu and Veggie $13.50
Chicken/Beef/Pork $14.20
Prawn or Mixed Seafood $16.75

Fried Rice
Egg,Chinese broccoli,onion,fried garlic,shallots and tomato

Pine apple Fried Rice
Special Thai style fried rice with pineapple,onion,shallots and egg

Spicy Fried Rice
Fresh chill,mushroom,green beans,basil onion,shallots,red capsicum,snow pea and fried garlic with egg

Kid Korner Served with Juice

Korner A $13.90
Thai fried rice with crumbed prawns

Korner B $11.90
Thai fried rice with satay chicken skewers

Vegetarian Korner
All meals contain Tofu

Vegetable Spring Roll (4 pieces) $7.95

Deep fried tofu $6.95

Veggie Tum Kha $6.95

Veggie Tum Yum $6.95

Selection of Curry $15.95
Green / Red / Panang / Yellow / Massaman and Jungle Curry

Selection of Stir Fried $15.95
Cashew nut / Basil / Peanut Sauce/ Sweet&Sour / Oyster Sauce / Garlic and Pepper / Chilli and Garlic / Spicy Ginger

Selection of Noodle $14.50
Pad Thai / Pad See Ew / Pad Kee Mow / Hokkien Noodles / Laksa

Veggie Fried Rice $13.50

Spicy Veggie Fried Rice $13.50

Korner Pack


Korner Pack A $26
Spring Roll(4 pieces)
Selection of Stir Fried
(Chicken / Pork / Beef)
Selection of Curry
(Chicken / Pork / Beef)
Steamed Jasmine Rice

Korner Pack B $53
Chicken Satay(4 sticks)
Selection of Stir Fried
(Chicken / Pork / Beef)
Selection of Curry
(Chicken / Pork / Beef)
Chicken Pad Thai
Steamed Jasmine Rice


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